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About Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Shegaon Temple History.


This town was once established by Shrungmuni in ancient times and so was known as Shrung gaon. The famous temple of Lord Shiva in this town also gave it recognition as Shivgaon. Later Shivgaon became Shegaon. There might be a few legends about Shegaon but undoubtedly, it has a unique importance and identity. Shegaon is mainly known for the arrival of a bounteous, pious, and the noblest holy figure, i.e. Shri Gajanan Maharaj, and his holy stay. One holy man landed in shegaon and with his omnipotent capacity changed the gloomy picture of this hamlet. He showered the blessings on the people who had barren life and gave them a taste of prosperity, spirituality, and a path for a meaningful life. Thus, this small village lying in the dark corners of Buldana district emerged as one of the happening places with spiritual touch in Maharastra

In the holy presence of Shri Gajanan Maharaj, the body of 12 trustees was unanimously formed on 12-09-1908 with an objective to co-memorate this holy place where Shree hinted for Samadhi

Especially to note, this Sansthan came into existence in 1908 in the holy presence of Shree Maharaj. Because Shree Maharaj had foretold ‘Ya Jagi Rahil Re’ hinted at the specific place and day for his Samadhi.

On 12-09-1909 a joint meeting was held as per the instructions of Maharaj in the grocery shop of Late Narayan Kadtaji Patil, where Shree’s devotees, Shegaon’s citizens, and tradesmen had a brainstorming on the arrangements to be made in the Sansthan. Maharaj also presents at this meeting. ThusSansthan’s first working committee was established

A Blackstone from Wadegaon, Balapur (around 30 km from Shegaon) area was brought. The masons from Nagpur, Late Kisan Mistri, and Late Khandu Mistri innovatively created the Samadhi temple. On the holy occasion of the completion of 100 Years of Samadhi, the Shree temple was renovated with marble stones and was also made specious.


Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaon Darshan Online Reserving 2021-22

Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan is a temple in Shegaon Maharashtra. Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Shekan Darshan Online booking, place to use for power transfer, Shri devotees who want to know the details about Shekan can read this textual content. Go to Shekan Darshan online at Devotees who need to get used to the new Shekhan Darshan exchange can go to the official site and skip it faster than using the instructions. Gajanan Maharaj Darshan Ko is important for all the devotees who visit the temple. For more information on booking Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Shekhan Darshan online, read the text content of EPS details on how one can report Shekhan Darshan online.


How to apply for E Darshan Go Shegaon?

Implementing e Darshan Go Shegaon is an easy course. To start with, that you will need to go to the official site Then adjust to the steps given beneath and apply for e Darshan Go Shegaon.

  • Then click on App for New Go
  • Then fill in details like usage date, e-view time slot, Aadhar card amount, cell amount, Emila ID, and start date then finally click onGajanan Maharaj Institute Shegaon

In the middle, the Shri Gajanan Maharaj Samadhi Temple flows through two spicy entrances in the north and west directions respectively. Through the technique of his good incarnation, the renowned soul monk Sri Gajanan Maharaj, in conjunction with his divine data and power, began an incredible transformation in our assorted lives to finally draw a line in 1908, at a rapid interval of 32 years. Predicted in his incarnation. Balance. Online booking permit for new e-pass, e-application, and print e-vision exchange at If you are a Sri Bhakta, go to the official site to get a Gajanan Maharaj Darshan transfer and book Sri Gajanan Maharaj Company Shekan Darshan online. To get the blessings and make your life happier, go to Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Shekhan.


Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Shegaon Online Donation


Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Shegaon Online e-Donation Link – CLICK HERE


While Online e-Donation for Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Shegaon, the following column is required to be filled up which is under:-

The donation given by devotees is received here round the clock. The 1/10th part of the donation is given to devotees by Shri Sansthan in the form of Prasad which includes Ladu, Shawl, Upasana or cloth, Saree, etc. The donation in form of golden and silver ornaments obtain in donation boxes are used for preparing Shree’s Padukas which are later distributed to devotees as Prasad. The donation given to Shree Sansthan is exempted under the Income Tax rule 80 G of 1961. Even the donations are also accepted either in the form of Demand Draft, Cheque, Swipe. The clothes or other things donated by the devotees are neither auctioned nor sold.

The separate donation boxes and Hundis (large donation pots) are kept in Shree’s Mandir to facilitate the devotees who willingly wish to donate. The devotees donate as per their capacity and the solemn pledge.

On every Friday, the Sansthan’s trustees open the donation boxes in the presence of 2 devotees from other towns and the volunteers. The different currency notes, coins, valuable offerings are later sorted out.

The donated golden and silver ornaments are weighed and recorded in the register with signatures of trustees, devotees, and volunteers. The details of the donations are reflected on the boards for public information.

The option to information Shagav darshan online?

If you want to report Shekan Darshan online, it is more important to do it sooner than Sri Darshan. It can be accessed additionally on bridges, net cafes, smartphones, and own rooms. Devotees will be allowed to go to Shekan according to the days fixed for a day.


Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Shegaon Bhakta Niwas contact number


Shri Mandir07265-252018 / 252251 / 9881758762
Anand Vihar Bhakt Niwas Sankul07265-252019
Visawa Bhakt Niwas Sankul07265-253018
Bhaktaniwas Sankul Mandir Parisar07265-252018
Bhaktaniwas Sankul Hattikhana Parisar07265-252699
Shri Kshetra Pandharpur02186 – 223522
Shri Kshetra Alandi020  – 27186071 / 09767125035
Shri Kshetra Tryambakeshwar02594-  233048
Shri Kshetra Omkareshwar07280-  271204


Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan Shegaon Bhakta Niwas Address and Mail Id


Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaon

Tq. Shegaon – 444203 Dist- Buldana(M.S.)

E-mail: [email protected]


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People Also Ask – FAQ


1 What are the timings of Shree’s Temple?

Shree’s Temple opens at 5.00 am & at 9.30 pm. Shejarti (closing prayer).
Note: – If there are devotees already in the queue for Darshanare allowed for Darshan and then Mandir is closed.

2 What is the timing of Mahaprasad?From 10.00 am to 9.00 pm every day at free of cost.

Note – The devotees in the queue in the waiting hall are given mahaprasad even after 1.00 pm.

3 What is the procedure for Abhishek & its timing?

Abhishek timing- 5.30 to 7.30 am. You can perform Abhishek by taking donation receipts from the donation counter.

4 Where we can book the rooms in Bhakta Niwas ?

The rooms can be provided from respective Bhakta Niwas complex counter as first come first serve.

5 Please guide us for Darshan of Shree’s Palakhi?

The palakhi parikrama takes place every Thursday, Dashami, and on important festivals of Sansthan, which facilitates devotees, for Shree’s Palakhi’s Dashami.

6 What is the daily routine in Shree’s Mandir?

Please refer to the link Daily routine.

7 Which books/literature available for distribution in Sansthan’s Literature counter?

Please refer to the link- Literature.