TANGEDCO TNEB accountant syllabus in Tamil Junior Assistant Accounts Syllabus 2021

TANGEDCO TNEB accountant syllabus in Tamil TNEB Junior Assistant Accounts Syllabus 2021 Download Pdf TNEB Junior Assistant Accounts Syllabus 2021 TNEB Junior Assistant Accounts Syllabus 2021 is the first thing you should know before getting ready for the TNEB JA exam. TANGEDCO TNEB Accounts Exam is scheduled for June 2020. Candidates should be aware of the TNEB Junior Assistant (Accounts) syllabus for effective preparation.

TNEB JA Accounts Exam Pattern 2021

You need to understand the pattern of the written exam. Once you know the pattern of the paper, it would be simpler for you to understand the syllabus of the TNEB Accountant Exam 2020.

S.NoSubjectNo.of QtsMax. marksNegative mark for every wrong answer

General Tamil / English


Aptitude & Mental Ability Test


General Studies (Accounts)


Note: Marks will not be deducted for the questions left unanswered questions.

Junior Assistant Accounts Syllabus

The TNEB JA Accountant Exam has three Parts. That is General Langauge, Aptitude, and General Studies. The General Studies Part only differs from other TNEB Exams like Technical Assistant, TNEB Assessor and etc. The remaining parts are the same. Ok, let see!!!



1. Match the following words and Phrases given in Column A with their meanings in Column B.
2. Choose the correct ‘Synonyms’ for the underlined word from the options given
3. Choose the correct ‘Antonyms’ for the underlined word from the options given
4. Select the correct word (Prefix, Suffix)
5. Fill in the blanks with suitable Article
6. Fill in the blanks with suitable Preposition
7. Select the correct Question Tag
8. Select the correct Tense
9. Select the correct Voice
10. Fill in the blanks (Infinitive, Gerund, and Participle)
11. Identify the sentence pattern of the following sentence (Subject, Verb, and Object.)Blanks with correct ‘Homophones’
12. Find out the Error (Articles, Prepositions, Noun, Verb, Adjective, and Adverb)
13. Comprehension
14. Select the correct sentence
15. Find out the odd words (Verb, Noun, Adjective, and Adverb)
16. Select the correct Plural forms
17. Identify the sentence (Simple, Compound, Complex Sentence)
18. Identify the correct Degree.
19. Form a new word by blending the words.
20. Form compound words (Eg: Noun+Verb, Gerund+Noun)



Conversion of information to data‐Collection, compilation, and presentation of data Tables, graphs, diagrams‐Analytical interpretation of data ‐ Simplification ‐Percentage ‐ Highest Common Factor (HCF) ‐ Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) ‐Ratio and Proportion ‐ Simple interest ‐ Compound interest ‐ Area ‐ Volume ‐ Time
and Work Decision making and problem solving‐Logical Reasoning‐Puzzles‐Dice‐Visual Reasoning‐Alpha numeric Reasoning‐Number Series‐ Logical Number/Alphabetical/ Diagrammatic Sequences.

Annexure – I (PART-III)
Syllabus for the post of Junior Assistant(Accounts)
General Studies
Degree Standard – B.Com.

  • UNIT-I: Commerce:- Economic basis of commerce – Commerce – trade – industry characteristics of Business – Business systems – Concepts of systems theory applied to business – the concept of social obligation -Responsibility and Responsiveness.
  • UNIT-II: Forms of private and public sector enterprises – different kinds of organisation – sole proprietorship, partnership, jointstock company, promotion, incorporation, prospectus, commencement of business -functions of stock exchange – co_operative societies – charactcristics, Registration and control – types of societies. Public enterprises_Meaning, characteristics, Economic, social and political objectives, argument in favour and against public enterprise – Departmental undertakings, Public corporation, Governmentcompany, Joint enterprise – Government holding companies.
  • UNIT-III: The evolution of management science – definition – basic principles -process of Management – functions, planning, organising, staffing, direction, communication, controlling, motivation – Management byobjectives, Office equipments.
  • UNIT-IV: Secretarial practice – company secretary, qualification, procedure for appointment, powers, duties, rights and liabilities, removal, company meetings, notice, agenda, minutes.
  • UNIT V: Banking, commercial banks – functions, kinds of banks – banks and economic development – rural banks – co_operative banks, lead banks scheme – banker and customer – collecting and paying banker – rights, liabilities and protection, cheques, bills – National and International, letters of credit, crossing, marking and Endorsements- Mutual funds – Meaning organization, management, objectives.
  • UNIT-VI: Marketing: Meaning – functions – Marketing mix – Market segmentation channels of Distribution – Demand analysis – Basic concepts and analysis for demand forecasting – sale promotion -pricing objectives – methods of pricing – product line pricing – market reports and their interpretation – Regulated markets – consumerism.
  • UNIT-VII: Business law – Basic principles – law of contracts – specific contractor -law of agency, sale of goods Act, sales tax law, central excise law, the law of Insurance.
  • UNIT-VIII: Financial Accounting – principles – trading and nontrading, account form incomplete records, hire purchase and installment system, consignment – Joint venture – partnership – administration –
    retirement. Company accounts – issue, the redemption of shares and debentures – forfeiture and re-issue – final account(simple problems).
  • UNIT-IX: Management and Cost accounting – elements of Cost – Cost sheet -Reconcilition of cost and financial account – Marginal Costing -Standard Costing – Variance analysis.
  • UNIT-X: Auditing – objectives, valuations and verification, appointment, powers duties, qualification – audit report, audit programs, cost audit.
  • UNIT-XI: Business statistics – characteristics – primary and secondary data – a collection of data – diagrams and graphs – Mean, Mode, Median, Standard deviation, correlation, and regression – time series.
  • UNIT-XII: Basic structures of computers – computers for management -Introduction to Lotus 1, 2, 3 – Word star, Cobol.