Vijay TV Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode Promo Hotstar 24.04.2021

Vijay TV Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode Promo Hotstar 24.04.2021: Bharathi Kannamma serial, Bharathi Kannamma Hotstar, Bharathi Kannamma today episode

Vijay TV Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode Promo Hotstar 24.04.2021
Vijay TV Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode Promo Hotstar 24.04.2021


Hotstar Vijay TV Tamil Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode 24.04.2021 On Youtube




Vijay TV Bharathi Kannamma Episode Real Story


Bharathi Kannamma is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language drama aired on Star Vijay. It premiered on 25 February 2019. The collection is a remake of the Malayalam tv collection Karuthamuthu

Kannamma, a woman of a pure coronary heart, is appeared down upon by her stunning however conceited stepsister Anjali and stepmother Bhagyalakshmi owing to her darkish complexion. Her sole assist in the home is her father Shanmugam, who praises her character and hates Bhagyam and Anjali for belittling her. Soundharya is an enterprise tycoon who’s obsessive about magnificence and fair skin and dominance. Her son Bharathi is an enthralling younger physician who follows his coronary heart. Anjali wins the Miss Chennai pageant, and Soundharya develops an instantaneous liking for her magnificence and fixes her second son Akhil’s marriage ceremony along with her. Akilan falls for Anjali whereas she maintains an immense crush on Bharathi. Amidst this, Bharathi and Kannamma regularly encounter one another, and Bharathi is impressed by Kannamma’s kindness and generosity.

Anjali blackmails Bharathi to marry her or else she’s going to commit suicide. Bharathi says he’ll speak together with his mom after her (Anjali’s) birthday celebration which is organized by Soundharya later. Bharathi meets Kannamma and Anjali’s father and asks his permission to marry Kannamma and divulges that he can’t sire youngsters and asks Kannamma’s father to inform Kannamma. If she accepts this, he’ll marry her in a temple. Kannamma’s father is unable to search out relations for Kannamma and accepts the proposal, however, does not inform Kannamma about Bharathi’s incapacity to have youngsters. Kannamma is completely happy {that a} man with a coronary heart will marry her. On Anjali’s birthday, Bharathi marries Kannamma without anybody from both facets and brings her to the birthday celebration. Soundharya turns offended that Bharathi married the swarthy lady. Anjali is livid that Bharathi married her elder sister, not her. Akhil, Bharathi’s youthful brother, and Bharathi’s father Venu Gopalakrishnan (Rishi Keshav) are completely happy. However, after some insults, Soundharya permits Kannamma to be in the home and later Anjali marries Akhil however Anjali needs to eliminate Kannamma and Anjali and desires to marry Bharathi however she ultimately fails and Soundharya senses odd habits of Anjali and warns her to be spouse and daughter-in-law or she’s going to expel her. Anjali stops the makes an attempt and begins loving Akhil. Meanwhile, a brand new character, Dr. Venba (Farina Azad), enters, obsessive lover of Bharathi, targets the couple, she was additionally Bharathi’s childhood good friend. Soundharya likes Venba as she is fair-skinned. Venba turns offended when she learns Bharathi is married and guarantees herself she’s going to get him again. Kannamma consults Venba as she needs to get pregnant and desires to know why she is not anticipating but and Bharathi discusses this with Venba and he or she convinces Bharathi to alter the reviews earlier than all of this.

Bharathi and Kannamma go for Kannamma’s faculty reunion. Venba is there, too. A brand new character, Varun (Raju Jeyamohan), Kannamma’s classmate is launched and Venba makes Bharathi imagine Kannamma is dishonest on him with Varun. Meanwhile, Kannamma provides some issues {that a} sister provides to a brother. They return from there and Venba manipulates Bharathi an increasing number of so he blindly believes Kannamma is dishonest on him. Currently, Kannamma believes the reviews that she will be able to‘t have youngsters. Soundharya learns of this and desires Bharathi to marry once more. Venba is completely happy about this as she believes Soundharya will select her to be Bharathi’s second spouse however is betrayed when Soundharya chooses another person. Soundharya informs Bharathi that she’s going to have an interaction to a different girl the following day. Bharathi is shocked by this and asks Kannamma if she is aware of concerning the engagement whereas Kannamma is quick asleep. Kannamma does not reply. The subsequent day Kannamma awakens and is shocked to listen to about preparations of engagement. Kannamma cries, considering Bharathi accepted this. Kannamma’s father learns of the engagement and stops it. Soundharya lashes out at him, saying Kannamma cannot bear the youngsters. On a different day, Kannamma had some signs of being pregnant so with the recommendation of Arivumani(Kavya)(Bharathi’s cousin sister) she takes a being pregnant check and it seems to be optimistic and tells Soundharya Bharathi does not have to marry once more as Kannamma is pregnant.

Venba approaches the serial killer Durga who solely kills unhealthy individuals. Venba convinces him that Kannamma cheated on her good friend Bharathi and that he needs to eliminate her. Durga accepts the deal and enters because of the automobile driver, particularly for Kannamma. Kannamma is gloomy that Bharathi is behaving oddly along with her and exhibiting no signal of happiness for being pregnant. Kannamma goes to her mother and father the place even her father treats her weirdly, so tearful Kannamma returns. After seeing Kannamma’s kindness, Durga is satisfied that Venba is the unhealthy one. Venba learns of this and convinces Durga she will not hurt Kannamma anymore however Durga does not imagine her and stays the automobile driver to guard Kannamma against Venba. Venba plans to kill each of them as she killed Hema, however they escape with few accidents however Durga succumbed to his accidents. Later Durga confesses to Kannamma he was there to kill her. Hearing this, a surprised Kannamma asks who needs to kill her, as she by no means harmed anybody her whole life. Durga says Bharathi to guard Venba as he’s in love with Venba. Kannamma returns house and prepares to depart the home however Soundharya stops her and asks why she needs to depart the home. A tearful Kannamma tells Soundharya that her Bharathi needs to kill her and the newborn which is rising in her womb. Hearing this, the household is shocked they usually ask Bharathi why he needs to kill his pregnant spouse and Bharathi says he could dislike her however would by no means attempt to kill her. Furious, he spills the reality, saying he is not the daddy of the kid, stunning Kannamma. Soundharya slaps Bharathi, telling him to look at his phrases. Bharathi exhibits the reviews to the household and everybody turns silent. A betrayed Kannamma leaves the home saying she will be able to stay in a home place her loyalty and love are questioned. She goes to her dad or mum‘s home and confronts her father concerning him understanding the reality from the start and storms off. A responsible father tries to stop her and asks her to stay with him, however, Kannamma says even he doubted her and leaves. Soundharya believes, however Venu Gopalakrishnan and Akhil do not imagine Bharathi and ask to take the exams once more however Venba convinces him not once more to check. Kannamma tries to discover a job so she will be able to handle the newborn.

Later Soundharya tries to persuade Bharathi to take the check, however, Bharathi does not hearken to her. After so many hurdles, Kannamma provides start to twins and Soundharya takes one child away so the infants can reconcile their mother and father. Soundharya takes the dark-skinned child along with her to redeem herself for mistreating Kannamma whereas she was in the home. Kannamma awakens and caresses her remaining child. Thulasi, the nurse who delivered Kannamma’s child, provides shelter to Kannamma. Soundharya takes the newborn house and says she received the newborn from an orphanage so Bharathi may look after her. Bharathi initially does not look after the newborn, however slowly begins to like her. Bharathi and his household identify the newborn Hema within the remembrance of his ex-lover Hema and Kannamma names her child Soundharyalakshmi her mothers-in-law identify. Meanwhile someday, Venba tries to marry Bharathi together with his approval however later will get stopped by his mom Soundharya. Kannamma leaves town to stay peacefully along with her child.


8 years later

Hema and Soundharyalakshmi at the moment are eight years outdated. Kannamma lives with Soundharyalakshmi in a village the place they meet Palani and Seetha and have become near them. Kannamma runs a tailor store. Bharathi and his household come to that village for organising a free medical camp for these individuals, unaware that Kannamma lives there. The household stays there to attend the village’s temple competition. Bharathi meets Soundharyalakshmi, not understanding that she is his daughter. After 8 years, Durga has to turn out to be a physician. Now all of the workers and sufferers from Venba’s hospital go to Durga’s hospital simply reverse the highway; it makes Venba offended. But Durga falls in love with Venba. Now Kannamma and Soundharyalakshmi go to Chennai by auto. There, Soundharyalakshmi goes into Bharathi’s hospital and asks the place he’s. Meanwhile, Kannamma stays within the auto and sees Bharathi leaving the hospital and keep him close to his automobile. She hides from him, however, Bharathi doesn’t see her since he was on a telephone name. Now Anjali is pregnant

Vijay TV Bharathi Kannamma Today Episode Cast

  • Roshni Haripriyan Das as Kannamma Bharathi Priyan: Bharathi’s spouse; Hema and Soundarya Lakshmi’s mom. Venba’s arch-rival. Anjali’s half-sister and Soundharya’s elder daughter-in-law. She is dark-skinned, brave, proficient, clever, and zealous, is a tailor and meals provider (2019–current)
  • Arun Prasad as Dr. Bharathi Priyan: Kannamma’s husband, Venba’s love curiosity, Anjali’s ex-love curiosity Hema and Soundarya Lakshmi’s father and the ex-boyfriend of Hema, a physician. He marries Kannamma however later distances himself from her because of a misunderstanding that she had an affair along with her good friend Varun (2019–current)
  • Raksha Chauhan as Soundarya Lakshmi (Lakshmi): A good-skinned and talkative lady, Bharathi and Kannamma’s daughter; Soundarya and Venu’s grand-daughter. She’s the eldest of twins born to Bharathi and Kannamma. She’s daring and talkative and stays alone along with her mom in a poor home. (2020-present)
  • Lisha Rajkumar as Hema Jr.: She is dark-skinned and calm, Bharathi and Kannamma’s daughter; Soundarya and Venu’s granddaughter. She’s the youngest of twins born to Bharathi and Kannamma. She’s delicate and stays along with her father, uncle, aunt, and grandparents within the wealthy villa after Bharathi adopted her considering that she’s an orphan (2020-present)
  • Farina Rahman Ubaidh as Dr. Venba: A good-skinned lady, Bharathi’s childhood good friend, colleague, and obsessive ex-girlfriend. A health care provider additionally a drug addict and insane girl. She needs to separate Bharathi Kannamma’s relationship and he or she needs to marry Bharathi, additionally, she hates Kannamma, she killed Bharathi’s first lover Hema and repeatedly tried to kill his spouse Kannamma, and he or she is Durga’s love curiosity (2019-present)
  • Kanmani Manoharan (Sweety) as Anjali: (Miss Chennai), A good-skinned lady, Akilan’s spouse; Kannamma’s half-sister; Shanmugam’s daughter and Bhagyalakshmi’s daughter. Soundharya’s youthful daughter-in-law. Initially, She hates Kannamma; she loves Bharathi and had emotions on Bharathi however not now and married Akhilan his youthful brother. She hated Kannamma due to her mom Baagya’s upbringing however later reconciled with and supported her. She hates Venba (2019–current)
  • Akilan Pushparaj (Akhil) as Akhilan: Anjali’s husband; Venu and Soundarya’s son; Shanmugam and Baakiyalakshmi’s son-in-law. He loves and marries Anjali and later tries to unite Kannamma and Bharathi, alongside together with his mother and father. He helps and loves Kannamma like his mom. He hates Venba (2019–current)
  • Roopa Sree as Soundarya Devi: Venu’s spouse; Bharathi, Akhilan and Shruthi’s mom, Kannamma and Anjali’s mother-in-law, and Soundarya, Lakshmi and Hema’s grandmother. She loves Kannamma. Initially, she hated Kannamma for her pores and skin tone however then she realized her harmless qualities and started to assist her. She is a strong businesswoman and loves her daughter-in-law Kannamma and Anjali additionally. She tries to unite Kannamma and Bharathi and hates Venba (2019–current)
  • Rishi Keshav as Venu Gopalakrishnan: Soundarya’s husband; Bharathi, Akhilan, and Shruthi’s father, Kannamma and Anjali’s father-in-law, and Soundharya Lakshmi and Hema’s grandfather. He additionally helps Kannamma and likes her innocence and boldness. He hates Venba (2019–current)


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