Zombie Reddy Full Movie In Hindi Download Filmyzilla 480p

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Zombie Reddy Full Movie In Hindi Download Filmyzilla 480p
Zombie Reddy Full Movie In Hindi Download Filmyzilla 480p


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Zombie Reddy Movie Story and Information

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Zombie Reddy is a 2021 Indian Telugu-language zombie comedy movie directed by Prasanth Varma, starring Sajja Teja, Anandhi, and Daksha Nagarkar. Produced by Apple Bushes Studios, the movie is marketed as the primary zombie movie in Telugu cinema. Set within the district of Kurnool, the movie is partially primarily based on the COVID-19 pandemic. The movie was launched on 5 February 2021

In a televised broadcast, Prime Minister Narendra Modi broadcasts {that a} lockdown might be applied to forestall the lethal coronavirus which has unfold in India. A person with a knife follows an outdated man again to his dwelling. Upon reaching the outdated man’s dwelling, the person is attacked and knocked unconscious. He wakes up on a working desk in a hidden lab. A masked determine injects him with a serum. The serum turns the person right into a zombie.

Marripalem Obul Reddy alias “Mario” wakes as much as textual content from his pal Bhadram that the lockdown has lastly been lifted. A joyful Mario goes to breakfast together with his household consisting of his mom, his father, Pratap Reddy, and his sister Preeti. Pratap berates his son for being a gamer and tells him to get an actual job. Mario corrects his father, telling him that he’s a recreation designer. Mario’s recreation turns into well-known in a single day with over one million downloads. Mario meets up together with his buddies, Bhadram and Maggie, who helped him design the sport.

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As they learn the evaluations, they notice {that a} bug within the recreation causes the sport to crash at greater ranges. Mario calls his pal, Kalyan, who can be the programmer. Kalyan tells them that he’s getting married and asks them to convey the code to the marriage. He invitations them to the district of Kurnool and tells them to come back to Bhooma Reddy’s home.

Bhooma Reddy is revealed to be a don who guidelines the village. He tells his males, Kasi Reddy and Masi Reddy, to cover all weapons till Kalyan is married off to his daughter, Pushkala. Bhooma Reddy is interrupted by the arrival of Nandini Reddy, the daughter of Bukka Reddy, certainly one of Bhooma Reddy’s buddies who gave his life for Bhoom Reddy. Bhooma Reddy welcomes Nandini as his daughter.

Mario, Bhadram, and Maggie drive to Kurnool. On the best way, they hit a person on the highway. When Bhadram goes to test on him, the person wakes and bites him. An outdated man injects the person with a substance and takes him away, claiming that the person is an escaped psychologically affected person. The trio continues on their method and asks for instructions to Bhooma Reddy’s home. They’re given instructions by Aagam Reddy, who takes them to Veera Reddy’s home as a substitute. Veera Reddy is one other don who has a deep-standing enmity with Bhooma Reddy.

Veera Reddy instructions Aagam Reddy and his males to assault Mario, Bhadram, and Maggie. Mario manages to struggle them off, and the three of them escape. They make their solution to Bhooma Reddy’s home, the place they’re greeted by Kalyan and Nandini. After they try to warn Mario about Veera Reddy, Nandini lies and says that Veera Reddy was taking part in a prank on them. This is always everybody’s fear, however, Mario nonetheless stays suspicious.

Whereas visiting the temple, the temple priest tells the story of the temple’s historical past. Whereas on the temple, Mario overhears lots of the villagers discussing the destiny of Kalyan and the way he might be sacrificed like a sacrificial goat by Veera Reddy. Mario attempts to warn Kalyan once more, however, Kalyan does not imagine him.

In the meantime, Bhadram’s situation begins to worsen as he transforms right into a zombie. He bites a family maid, who in flip bites a laborer, spreading the zombie virus, even additional. Mario observes Nandini speaking with a person. He observes Nandini carrying a knife. To get proof, Mario begins to movie Nandini and follows her. Mario follows her right into a room and unintentionally data her about to vary. Nandini cries out and tells everybody that Mario tried to movie her altering. Kalyan saves Mario from an enraged Bhooma Reddy, by asking for forgiveness. Bhooma Reddy lets Mario go, however warns him to not misbehave. Kalyan turns upset with Mario and accuses him of sabotaging his wedding ceremony on goal.

He provides Mario the code to repair this system and divulges that he had already fastened the code however held onto it as a result of the thought that Mario would go away after getting the code. He tells Mario to depart. The subsequent day Mario asks for forgiveness, and the 2 make up. Mario places sleeping tablets in Kalyan’s drink so that he’ll be capable to kidnap him and save Kalyan from Bhooma Reddy.

At the wedding ceremony, Mario confronts Nandini and tells her that he’s onto her plan and that he’s going to avoid wasting Kalyan from the marriage. Nandini reveals that she switched his and Kalyan’s drinks. The sleeping tablets knock Mario unconscious, and Nandini has him stashed away in a storeroom. In the meantime, the virus has unfolded to Pushkala, the bride, however, the wedding ceremony goes off efficiently. In the course of the wedding ceremony nighttime, a zombie Pushkala attempts to chunk Kalyan, however, he misinterprets it as playfulness. Pushkar unintentionally pushes Kalyan out of the window.

In the meantime, the virus has unfolded in the village. Bhooma Reddy and his males go to the village to analyze the studies of individuals behaving surprisingly. Mario wakes from his stupor and witnesses Veera Reddy’s males kidnapping Kalyan. Mario goes to search out Nandini. The 2 start to argue till they each witness a zombie assault on certainly one of Bhooma Reddy’s staff. The 2 of them notice that your complete family has succumbed and turn out to be zombies.

They lock themselves in the home together with Maggie and Kasi Reddy, certainly one of Bhooma Reddy’s males. To escape, they put make-up on themselves so that they resemble zombies. Mario additionally realizes that the zombies have a complicated sense of odor, so he pours kerosene on himself. The zombies surrounding the home are distracted by Masi Reddy, certainly one of Bhooma Reddy’s males who’s drunk. Whereas they’re distracted, Mario will get to the automobile and escapes together with Maggie, Nandini, Kasi Reddy, and Masi Reddy.

Mario drives them to Veera Reddy’s home, saying that he is not going to abandon Kalyan. After they attain Veera Reddy’s home, Maggie and Masi Reddy keep within the automobile, whereas Mario, Kasi Reddy, and Nandini go search for Kalyan. Mario and Kasi Reddy go a method, whereas Nandini goes the opposite. Mario and Kasi Reddy encounter Konda Reddy, Veera Reddy’s lame father, who’s bedridden. To keep away from seizing, Mario and Kasi Reddy take Konda Reddy and conceal it within the wardrobe. Whereas Veera Reddy and his males seek Konda Reddy, Mario and Kasi Reddy discover Kalyan being held prisoner by Aagam Reddy.

They tie Aagam Reddy up and free Kalyan. As they’re about to depart, they discover a lady certain and gagged. After they free her, she reveals herself as the actual Nandini Reddy and that she was captured by Veera Reddy on her solution to the marriage. The lady who has been as masquerading as Nandini this whole time is revealed to be Sailaja Reddy, Veera Reddy’s daughter, who was despatched as a spy to Bhooma Reddy’s home. Veera Reddy reveals that it was all a part of his plan to enact a twenty-five 12 months outdated vengeance. Twenty-five years in the past, Bhooma Reddy’s youthful brother was engaged to Veera Reddy’s sister, Talambari. Bhooma Reddy’s brother eloped and left Talambari on the altar.

Talambari went mad consequently, her thoughts endlessly caught in that second. Veera Reddy plans to get his vengeance by killing Kalyan and making Bhooma Reddy’s daughter, a widow. Mario intervenes and says that Veera Reddy needs to be taking revenge not on Kalyan, however on Bhooma Reddy’s brother, who eloped. A portrait reveals that Bhooma Reddy’s youthful brother is none apart from Pratap Reddy, Mario’s father. Mario pretends to take Talambari hostage and escapes with Kalyan, Maggie, and Masi Reddy, however not earlier than pushing Talambari into Veera Reddy.

Veera Reddy, together with Sailaja and his males, pursue Mario into the village. The village erupts into chaos as zombies start attacking the villagers. Veera Reddy’s males are bitten by Konda Reddy, who has changed into a zombie. In the course of the scuffle, a mob of zombies swarms and assaults Veera Reddy. Crammed with grief, Nandini joins forces with Mario, Maggie, and Kasi Reddy and begins preventing the zombies.

They uncover that the one solution to kill the zombies is by damaging their brains. The zombies chase Kasi Reddy up a palm tree. A horde of zombies led by a zombified Bhadram assaults Maggie. Maggie cannot convey herself to shoot her pal and is bitten by Bhadram consequently. Mario, Sailaja, and Kalyan flee as soon as once more.

Mario remembers the person who bit Bhadram within the woods will need to have been a zombie. He additionally remembers the outdated man who injected the zombie. Following a path within the woods, they discover the outdated man’s home. Inside is the unique zombie, trapped in a glass cage together with the hidden lab. They’re confronted by the outdated man. Mario calls to know who he’s.

The outdated man reveals that he was as soon as a world well-known virologist, however, the authorities banned him, citing his practices as unethical and inhumane. Determined to get well his former fame, the outdated man started creating a remedy for the coronavirus and commenced testing it on people straight. The zombie virus got here from a failed vaccine. The outdated man claims that he has discovered a remedy for each virus and provides Mario a video digital camera. Earlier than he can inform them in regards to the remedy, the caged zombie breaks free and begins attacking the outdated man.

The trio escape and are picked up by Bhooma Reddy, who reveals that the villages have been utterly overrun. Mario goes over the footage within the video digital camera. The recording stops when the outdated man says that he has discovered the remedy. Mario sees an emblem carved onto the wall within the background. They decide if they discover the image, they’ll discover the remedy.

They make their solution to the temple. In the best way, they’re attacked by zombies, and Sailaja is scratched by a zombie. She asks Mario to depart her behind, however, Mario takes her into the temple and bars the doorways. Whereas trying to find the image, they arrive upon Veera Reddy, who’s revealed to be alive. When a joyful Sailaja runs to her father, an offended Bhooma Reddy confronts Veera Reddy for plotting towards him. Veera Reddy accuses him of the identical, saying that he secretly introduced his brother’s son to the marriage.

A shocked Bhooma Reddy asks Mario if he’s Pratap Reddy’s son. When Mario says sure, Bhooma Reddy says that Pratap disgraced him and the household by leaving a lady on the altar. Mario admits what his father did was unsuitable but in addition, confronted Bhooma Reddy about getting his daughter married to Kalyan without informing him about Veera Reddy. A zombie assaults Veera Reddy and is killed off by Bhooma Reddy. Veera Reddy, in awe of Bhooma Reddy, saving his life, decides to make amends. The zombies surrounding the temple start attacking the temple doorways. Bhooma Reddy and Veera Reddy resolve to carry them off, whereas the others proceed to search for the image.

A herd of zombies surrounds and traps Kalyan in a sales space. In the meantime, Sailaja turns right into a zombie and assaults Mario. Mario pushes Sailaja, and as Sailaja falls on the base of the Shiva lingam, the water from the spring falls into her mouth. An amazed Mario watches because the water begins to heal Sailaja, and she or he reverts to her regular self. Mario appears on the wall and sees the image, and realizes that the water from the spring has to be the remedy. Mario blows a conch, summoning all of the zombies within the close by countryside to the temple. As the zombies chase him, Mario jumps into the spring-fed pond. Because the zombies comply with him into the water, they start to get cured.

Within the aftermath, Mario is hailed as a hero for stopping the virus. A proud Pratap joins Bhooma Reddy and Veera Reddy, now that each household has made amends. Kasi Reddy performs playing cards with Aagam Reddy. Sailaja affords Mario a candy, alongside her cellphone quantity. A cured Talambari affords the identical to Pratap. It is revealed that Mario’s mom was the home maid who eloped with Pratap Reddy twenty-five years in the past. As each household joyfully has a good time, a zombified Konda Reddy enters the room. Veera Reddy tells them because the zombie virus allowed his father the power to stroll, that he stored him as a zombie in the interim.

Mario drives off with a cured Maggie and Bhadram as they have a good time the takeoff of Mario’s recreation. Mario christens the sport “Zombie Reddy”. Then it hints in direction of a sequel titled “Zombie Reddy – Degree 2 Revenge of the lifeless”. (Source of the Story – Wikipedia)

Zombie Reddy Movie Cast

  • Sajja Teja as Mario (Marripalem Obul Reddy)
  • Anandhi as Nandini Reddy/Sailaja Reddy
  • Daksha Nagarkar as Maggie
  • RJ Hemanth as Kalyan
  • Getup Srinu as Kasi Reddy
  • Lahari Shari as Pushkala Reddy, Kalyan’s fiancée
  • Vinay Varma as Bhooma Reddy, Pushkala’s father
  • Naga Mahesh as Veera Reddy, Sailaja’s father
  • Hari Teja as Talambari, Veera Reddy’s sister
  • Prudhvi Raj as Aagam Reddy, Veera Reddy’s henchman
  • Harsha Vardhan as Pratap Reddy, Mario’s father
  • Mamilla Shailaja Priya as Mario’s mother
  • Kireeti Damaraju as Bhadram
  • Annapoorna as Pushkala’s grandmother
  • Vitta Mahesh as Masi Reddy
  • Raghu Karumanchi
  • Charandeep as Bhooma Reddy’s henchman
  • Raghu Babu as young Prudhvi Raj (Cameo)
  • Tripuraneni Chitti as Mad Scientist
  • Keshav Deepak as Doctor
  • Vijay Ranga Raju as Sailaja’s grandfather


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